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'Perverted Tales Of Depravity' 2017/18 NZ Tour

Friday 20 Oct 2017 Wellington - Symbiotic Extreme Music Festival
Saturday 21 Oct 2017 Hamilton w/Execrate + Spiteful Urinator
Friday 26 Jan 2018 Auckland w/Execrate + Extinction Campaign
Saturday 27 Jan 2018 Wellington w/Execrate + Forsaken Age

Saturday 18 March 2017 Napier - Napier Death Metal Festival

Friday 13 January 2017 Wellington - Black Thrash Friday w/ Jormungandr + Vargafrost @ Valhalla

Wednesday 09 Nov 2016 - Destroyer 666 support show 'Australia And New Zealand Wildfire - The Wolves Unchained 2016' w/Exordium Mors

Saturday 26 March 2016 w/Execrate, Cenosphere (Meiniak and Corpse Feast both pulled out of the show)

Saturday 27 November 2015 w/AK-11 (Melb), Winter Deluge (Akld) and Vargafrost (Nels/Wgtn) (Cemetery Urn (Melb) had to pull out of the show)

Saturday 22nd August 2015 w/Dawn Of Azazel (Akld), Colossvs (Melb) and Into Orbit (Wgtn) in Wellington

BLACK METAL SABBATH (Akld), DJ Nightmare @ Valhalla, Wellington, 21 February 2015

STRIKE OF THE BEAST 3 w/Johnny Touch (Adel), Bastardizer (Sydn), Bulletbelt (Wgtn), Nullifier (Akld), Inside Arkham (Akld), Forsaken Age (Akld) - did not play, Awakened Inferno (Chch), Execrate (Wgtn) - did not play @ Valhalla, Wellington, 24 January 2015

MARDUK (Swe) w/Skuldom (Akld) @ Kings Arms, Auckland, 20 January 2015

METALLIC CONVERGEANCE w/Execrate (Wgtn), Brutal Supremacy (Wgtn) @ Valhalla, Wellington, 22 March 2014

STRIKE OF THE BEAST 2 w/Bloodfvkk (Akld), Graves (Akld), Bulletbelt (Wgtn), Stormforge (Akld), Osmium (Dun), Red Dawn (Wgtn), Skulls (Akld), Fallen Order (Wgtn), Intergracia (Wgtn), The Call of Autumn (Wgtn) @ Valhalla, Wellington @ 25 January 2014

A TRIBUTE TO JEFF HANNEMAN w/ Criminally Insane (Slayer Tribute) (Wgtn), Vomit Storm (Wgtn) @ Valhalla, Wellington, 29 November 2013

INTO THE ALCOHOLIC ABYSS - ALBUM RELEASE w/Execrate (Param), Blood Of The Moon (Wgtn), Vomit Storm (Wgtn), Sabbatic Goat (Wgtn) @ The Suppression Lock Up, Paraparaumu, 28 September 2013

DESECRATION OF THE CAPITAL IV w/Denouncement Pyre (Melb), 308 (Bris), Exordium Mors (Akld), Stone Angels (Chch), Bulletbelt (Wgtn), Insideous Wretch (Lwr Hutt), Sabbatic Goat (Wgtn), Vesicant (Wgtn), Vanargandr (Nels/Wgtn) @ San Francisco Bath House, Wellington, 20 July 2013

MASTERTON JUDGEMENT NIGHT w/Bulletbelt (Wgtn), Dying Of The Light (Akld), Insidious Wretch (Lwr Hutt), Brutal Supremacy (Wgtn), Execrate (Parm), Suppression (Wgtn), Demon Foetal Harvest (Megadeth Covers) (Mast) @ The Horseshoe Tavern, Masterton, 1 June 2013

HELL HAMMER SMASH FEST - I - w/Winter Deluge, Heathen Eyes, Blacktooth, Intergracia, Horrendous Disfigurement, Logic Defies Logic, Fyrestorm, Cage Demise, Harbinger, Gooey Hole, F'N'C And The All Sauces @ Smash Palace, Gisborne, 12 January 2013

STRIKE OF THE BEAST w/Dawn Of Azazel (Akld), Bulletbelt (Wgtn), Carnal (Akld), Dissolution (Chch), Men An Tol (Chch), Dying Of The Light (Akld), Brutal Supremacy (Wgtn), Cephalopod (Palm Nth), Red Dawn (Wgtn), The Fat Controller (Wgtn), Wall Of Silents (Palm Nth) - did not play @ Medusa, 17th November 2012

PUT OUR OR GET OUT! w/Farming The Population, Enemy Empire, Kavort, Bloodspray For Politics @ Bar Medusa, Wellington, 28th July 2012

w/Winter Deluge (Akld), Blood Of The Moon (Wgtn) @ Bar Medusa, Wellington, 28th July 2012

w/Beltane (Foxton), Kavort (Wanganui), Crackpot Theory (Palm Nth) @ The Royal Hotel, Palmerston North, 20th July 2012

RITES OF ABOMINATION w/Impetous Ritual (Aus), Grave Upheaval (Aus), Diocletian (Akld), Witchrist (Akld), Corpsefeast (Napier), Blood Of The Moon (Wgtn), Sabbatic Goat (Wgtn) @ The Winchester, Auckland, 17th & 18th February 2012

CAPITAL PUNISHMENT w/Execrate (Kapiti), Bulletbelt (Wgtn), Backyard Burial (Lower Hutt), The Mark Of Man (Akld), Crash-Scan (Wgtn), Destitude (Wgtn), Of Blackest Oceans (Wgtn), Fallen Order (Hutt), Aftermath (Wgtn), Intergracia (Kapiti), Fire (Wgtn) @ Bar Medusa, Wellington, 15th May 2010

w/Hellborne (Palm Nth), The Red Dawn (Palm Nth), Deadpool @ The Factory, Palmerston North, 19 March 2010

INVASION w/Execrate (Kapiti), Harvest (Rotorua) @ Barbarella, Rotorua, 14th November 2009

BUTCHERY AT THE SPA w/Necroternal (Taupo), Execrate (Kapiti), Wretch @ The Spa Hotel, Taupo, 13th November 2009

BARBARIC BARRAGE w/Execrate (Kapiti), Belligerance (Hutt) @ Hole In The Wall, Wellington, 13th September 2009

DESECRATION OF THE CAPITAL w/Exordium Mors (Akld), Winter Deluge (Akld), Anno Domini Mortus (New Plymouth), Draco Aerius (Wgtn) @ Hole In The Wall, Wellington, 8th August 2009

HUMAN - 'CADAVER ACADEMY' ALBUM RELEASE SHOW w/Human (Chch), Slave Cadaver (Wgtn) @ Hole In The Wall, Wellington, 15th May 2009

EXECRATE - 'ALL OF ONE ALBUM' RELEASE SHOW w/Execrate (Kapiti), Intergracia (Kapiti) @ The Adelaide, Wellington, 24th January 2009

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